Bridge Partners®

founded by Alessandra Colonna and Domenico Pugliese, is a leading Italian management training and consulting company. Since our first day, 26th July 2005, we are focused on negotiation.

Alessandra Colonna

Born in Turin and Milanese by adoption, I’m passionate about people and devoted to making their lives better thanks to a structurated
negotiation approach.

Domenico Pugliese

I learned the importance of pragmatism and being brief in both work and daily life in Canada. My mission is to simplify the deal process of those looking for agreements when interests are opposed.
Negotiation is my method.

Affiliation Program

We want to put together training experts from all around the world willing to live a unique human adventure. Which adventure? The one of changing the entire negotiation training world.


Our affiliates are keen on growing both as persons and as professional trainers, and giving a collaborative contribution to our network, thanks to a high sense of camaraderie and excellence.


NegoPro® is a unique, innovative, and amazing negotiation training, validated by over 16 years of practice into the real business world by thousands of middle and executive managers.


Our affiliates want to give a significant contribution to build up a revolutionary mind set about negotiation and add value to their clients’ business and to their people’s leadership skills.

Becoming an Affiliate

  • To improve professionally

  • To increase your business

  • To be part of a professional global trainers’ network.

Three concepts to sum up who we are: mission, team, and method.

Our mission

Our mission

To transform people by improving their negotiation skills and enhancing the value of their deals.

Our team

Our team

A mix of people connected by negotiation experience, consolidated but innovative knowledge, and solid ethic.

Our method

Our method

A patented, certified, simple, unique, scalable approach to handle effective negotiation process.

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