Mastering the art of negotiation isn't just a game-changer in the workplace;

It's a skill that transcends various aspects of life. Sustainability, inclusivity, and profitability can be boostered by effective negotiations.

Effective negotiation isn't a choice; it's a necessity.

At Bridge Partners® we help people to transform their behavior by enhancing their negotiation prowess and maximizing the value of their deals.

Why choose to work with us?

The most common feedback from the attendees to our trainings is: "You have completely shifted my mindset about negotiation. I now feel much more confident, thanks to your structured negotiation methodology."

They say they have gained better control and learned how to close better deals in less time. Even experienced managers attest that, thanks to NegoPro®, they can effectively pass on their skills to others, provide more constructive feedback, and nurture the growth of their teams.

No theories at the drawing board. Instead, we’ve learned from observing real negotiations. We’ve come to realize that, regardless of the actors involved, cultural contexts, or interests at stake, every negotiation follows a common process and dynamics.

Understanding this process and mastering these dynamics with awareness leads to more effective negotiation, while also addressing the emotional aspects that can arise.

Our expertise lies in providing you with a method to close better deals, boost margins, and foster strong relationships.


NegoPro® is a unique and innovative 3-day negotiation training program, backed by over 18 years of real-world practice by thousands of professionals, middle managers, and executives. It is a program where 80% of the content is dedicated to role plays, and the remaining 20% covers theory.

Role Plays vs. Case Studies

We prioritize role plays over case studies because we are not interested in participants finding a predefined academic solution that may not even be the most effective one.
Through role plays, participants can act naturally, learn from their mistakes, and compare their experiences with those of other participants and instructors. In a nutshell, they gain the one thing that can truly change their behavior: awareness.

Digital Solutions

In the post-Covid era, many companies have chosen to experience NegoPro® in its online version. This online format offers equal effectiveness, reduced costs, increased sustainability, and greater inclusivity. It enables teams to collaborate even when they are geographically distant.
For junior and staff participants, we design shorter solutions with a customized selection of contents.

Key learning points - Takeaways

Participants can expect to learn and apply the following key concepts:

  • Distinguishing negotiation from other methods of managing deals or conflicts.
  • Addressing the dilemma of whether to extend trust or not.
  • Managing and collaborating within negotiation teams.
  • Preparing for any type of negotiations.
  • Identifying and harnessing negotiating power.
  • Handling conflicts, addressing complaints, and dealing with difficult individuals.
  • Making proposals and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Distinguishing between flexibility and concessions.

Upcoming Events

04/06/2024 - 06/06/2024
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About NegoPro® - Interviews
The most usual feedback given by our attendees after
our negotiation training NegoPro® is... Figure it out!


Founded in 2005 by Alessandra Colonna and Domenico Pugliese, Bridge Partners® is a management company specialized in negotiation training and consulting.

Our mission is to positively impact the field of negotiation training by introducing innovative content and a unique teaching approach. On this purpose we designed NegoPro®, a revolutionary training method.

We can be summed up in three key concepts: mission, team, and method.

  • Our Mission

    We are dedicated to transforming individuals by enhancing their negotiation skills and maximizing the value and sustainability of their deals.

  • Our Team

    Our team consists of 24 professionals who are united by their wealth of experience in negotiation, a blend of established and innovative knowledge, and a strong commitment to ethics.

  • Our Method

    We employ a patented, certified, simple, unique, and scalable approach to facilitate effective negotiation processes.


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