Negotiating well makes life easier

NegoPro® powered by Bridge Partners® is a unique, innovative, and amazing negotiation training, validated by over 16 years of practice into the real business world by thousands of middle and
executive managers.

3 Days

80% practice, 20% theory.

1 Tutor

Bridge Partners® Certified.

6 Attendees

Small teams to ensure effective learning.

Our negotiation training will give you a method for closing better deals,
increasing margins, and building good relationships.

NegoPro® Key Points

NegotiationLive Webinar

  • Distinguish negotiation from other ways to manage deals or conflicts.
  • Addressing the dilemma of giving or not
    giving trust.

  • Managing and working in negotiation teams.

  • Preparing for every type of negotiation.

  • Identifying and using negotiating power.

  • Handling complaints and difficult people.
  • Making proposals and getting feedbacks.
  • Distinguishing flexibility from concessions.

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About the training


NegoPro® 3 days negotiation training


The most usual feedback given by our attendees after the training is: “You have totally changed my mind set about negotiation, and definitely improve my way of working, being more confident thanks to a structured negotiation approach”.

Find out more about NegoPro®

Find out more
about NegoPro®

Bridge Partners®, founded in 2005 by Alessandra Colonna and Domenico Pugliese, is a training and consulting management company, specialized in negotiation. Our mission is to improve the negotiation training field, bringing in innovative content and unique teaching approach.

Three concepts to sum up who we are: mission, team, and method.

Our mission

Our mission

To transform people by improving their negotiation skills and enhancing the value of their deals.

Our team

Our team

A mix of people connected by negotiation experience, consolidated but innovative knowledge, and solid ethic.

Our method

Our method

A patented, certified, simple, unique, scalable approach to handle effective negotiation process.

NegoPro® Affiliation Program

We have a dream

Building a global network around NegoPro®, putting together people to grow with and willing to improve their training skills. We are happy to explore with you a partnership opportunity. Are you willing to know more?

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We are here for you


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